Title of the Call for Proposal: Promoting Decent Future Of Work Approach with a Focus of Gender Equality Grant Scheme - Supporting the Approach of Decent Jobs for the Future with a Focus on Gender Equality EU Grant Program

Project Objective: The overall objective of the project is to enhance sustainable employment in the agricultural sector through technological transformation based on equality and the approach of decent jobs for the future. To achieve this objective, specific targets have been set, including the development of young individuals' technological competencies in the agricultural sector to increase their employability in the labor market in a manner that aligns with the concept of decent jobs for the future. Additionally, ensuring that agricultural workers, particularly women and refugees, have mastery over technological innovations and creating equal opportunities are also defined as specific objectives.

Lead Applicant: İzmir Commodity Exchange

Co-applicants: Aegean Forest Foundation, Ege University, Lifelong Learning, Vocational Education and Development Association, Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED)

Participating Institutions: İzmir Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, Olive Research Institute, Turuncu Association
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05/06/2023 BORSAV

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