Can I request professional training for myself or my employees from BORSAV to enhance qualificatio
BORSAV, in collaboration with İzmir Provincial Directorate of National Education and İŞKUR (Turkish Employment Agency), organizes training programs related to agriculture, food, and livestock sectors, aiming to provide solutions to the human resource needs of companies.
How can I apply for the training programs?
You can apply for the relevant training program by filling out the application form on or by sending an email to [email protected], specifying the name of the training.
Does completing the application form mean my registration is finalized?
Filling out the application form means that your pre-registration for the training is received. Your registration will be confirmed once the training is confirmed, and you receive the necessary information via email and make the payment.
Can I make the training payment through a bank transfer?
Participants who fill out the application form will receive an email containing our bank account details. You can make the payment via bank transfer, and it is necessary to send the receipt to [email protected].
Can I make the training payment with a credit card?
Participants who fill out the application form will receive an email for payment. After filling out the Participation Form and Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK) Clarification Text in the email, you can make the payment with a credit card by filling out the "payment form" on or
Will my registration be confirmed after completing the application and payment process?
Yes, it will be confirmed. Participants will receive email instructions and details regarding the training 1-3 business days before the start date. For in-person training, the address and classroom information will be provided, while for online training, the login link and password will be shared.
Can I receive an invoice for the training payment?
After each training, invoices will be sent to your email address based on the information you provided in the application form.
If I make the payment but cannot attend the course, will I receive a refund?

In the case of a written request for a refund for a training that will start within 5 business days or has already started, and if the excuse is deemed appropriate by BORSAV, one of the following conditions will be applied:

1- The remaining amount after deducting 15% for planning and organizational expenses related to the unattended sessions will be refunded.

2- While preserving all the participant's rights, they will be given the opportunity to attend the next available training program.

Will we receive a participation certificate/certificate at the end of the training?
A Participation Certificate is provided at the end of the trainings. If the conducted training is a Certification program, a Certificate is awarded to those who achieve a minimum score of 70 out of 100 in the assessment (exam, assignment, presentation). Participants who score below this threshold receive a Participation Certificate.

Important Note: Another condition for obtaining a Certificate is a minimum attendance of 80% throughout the training.
- Is it mandatory to be a member of the İzmir Commodity Exchange to attend the training?
Our trainings are open to the general public.
Are there any discounts for İzmir Commodity Exchange members for the trainings?
The training fees are the same for all participants.
Is there a discount for group participation in the trainings?
If there are 10 or more participants from a single company for a specific training, a discount will be applied. The discount rate may vary depending on the content and duration of the training. Please send your request to [email protected] to initiate the process.