The First Exchange's Foundation, Türkiye's first Exchange Foundation...


İzmir Commodity Exchange Education, Culture, and Social Integration Foundation (BORSAV) holds the distinction of being the first foundation established by a commodity exchange in Türkiye.

Following the initiatives of the İzmir Commodity Exchange, BORSAV commenced its activities with the court decision on registration dated 31.03.2022 and the official announcement in the Official Gazette dated 22.04.2022.

BORSAV aims to contribute to the balanced growth and development of the agriculture, food, and livestock sectors, as well as the industry based on these sectors.

Our priorities are:

• Supporting a healthy competitive environment

• Developing solutions to meet professional needs

• Strengthening professional discipline, ethics, and solidarity

• Developing educational programs

• Promoting environmental and health protection

• Supporting research to increase product supply, quality, and efficiency

• Raising awareness about the conservation and enhancement of biological diversity and indigenous genetic resources

• Organizing campaigns to create production awareness and transfer it to the younger generation

• Implementing social responsibility projects