Ege Gastronomy Project;

Designed with a vision to transform the Aegean region into a globally recognized gastronomic hub, leveraging its historical and cultural background, agricultural and touristic opportunities, the project aims to generate value while preserving the natural heritage through interdisciplinary and innovative education, research, and development activities. The project is spearheaded by the "S.S. Aegean Collective Social Development Tourism Development Cooperative" that has been established.

With an innovative approach that enhances the cultural heritage and agricultural potential of the Aegean region, the Aegean Collective Social Development Tourism Development Cooperative aims to create added value and serve as a model platform that can be adapted nationwide, bringing together the public sector, private sector, and civil society. It has been established based on the following objectives:

• To establish Aegean Gastronomy as a brand worldwide,
• To ensure that Aegean agricultural products become indispensable ingredients in refined cuisine,
• To enhance the lobbying power of Aegean food producers worldwide,
• To meet the qualified workforce needs of all sectors related to gastronomy,
• To support sustainable, clean, and conscious production in the food-based industry,
• To prepare publications on Aegean Gastronomy in foreign languages,
• To introduce Aegean products to journalists, writers, and internet personalities,
• To protect agricultural biodiversity and endemic species,
• To preserve agricultural production as a national asset,
• To support an entrepreneurial spirit and proactive participation,
• To create a flexible collaboration and idea development ecosystem that can be exported to regions and the country.