R'OVAL (Route Ovacık Alaçatı) feasibility study was conducted to outline the activities planned for the creation of an approximately 25 km long experiential route within the boundaries of Alaçatı-Ovacık neighborhoods in Çeşme district of İzmir, with the aim of diversifying coastal tourism in İzmir and activating the tourism potential of the region.

The route, intended to be developed for agro, gastro, and/or eno tourism, aims to diversify the economic structure of Çeşme district, which is reliant on coastal tourism, and enhance the utilization of the region's agricultural potential. The study consists of analysis and assessments in the following five main sections:

• Size of agricultural enterprises in the region
• Types and capacities of enterprises related to regional tourism
• Inventory of cultural and natural values of the region
• Approaches of local residents and business owners towards the project
• Roadmap for transforming local production into high-quality products with added value


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