Gastronomy is a series of values that go beyond everyday eating and drinking activities. The gastronomic value of a product that is subject to eating and drinking arises from its superior qualities. These superior qualities are not just the natural characteristics such as taste and aroma of a product derived from agricultural activities through soil or water. They encompass the entire production and distribution process, including the seed used, fertilizers, irrigation techniques, harvesting time, and even the quality of labor and logistics, all of which are carried out with a respectful approach towards the environment, nature, and humanity. Only with this comprehensive sensitivity can a product acquire a gastroeconomic value, which makes it unique.

In light of the fact that a collective movement is only possible through the guidance of collective intelligence, you can access the final report and event video of the "Conference on the Role of Agriculture in Gastroeconomics" held in İzmir on November 25-26, 2022, below.


       Result Report